Adopting Wrinkles

Earlier this week, my daughter had to get some blood drawn.  Although it's something she's done too many times to count, she was triggered with anxiety from several previous traumatic experiences.  Needless to say, these appointments are never my favorite.

And let's be honest, no matter how much we "reframe" and focus on the good in life, there are certain things that are just straight up painful and not so much fun.

I had exhausted every motivation, relaxation technique and counseling technique in my bag 'o tricks as I always do and will continue to do.  Anything to make things less painful for my daughter, no?

But today, I knew my girl had to dig deep and find her way.  And she did.

The nurse and I exchanged glances that spoke a million words as in the midst of crocodile tears and genuine pain, Emma's eyes remained laser focused as she repeatedly yelled the words, "You got this, Emma. You can do it, Emma.  We're almost done, Emma.  You've totally got this.  It's going to be ok, Emma.  Almost there."

If you can catch the visual, my sweet daughter was saying all these things AS she was literally screaming her head off.  

Yet the truth of her words came piercing through.  To everyone in the office.  

You couldn't help but smile and even laugh at the image of that moment.  Yup, she's got this.  We've all got this.  It's going to be OK.

I stood amazed at my brave girl that day.  She teaches me all the things.

You see, contrary to the steady diet of awesomeness that we're fed on social media, many of life's frames involve moments that are painful.  Moments we'd rather skip.  I have mine.  My daughter will have hers.  

Most of them are out of our control.

But there's something we do have a say in.  A pretty big say, actually.

We get to decide the message that plays in our heads.  Over and over.  WE get to have a voice. To shape our experiences.  To overcome.  It's a gift that we're given.

Although, my message sometimes sounds like, "You totally messed this one up.  If only you were more____"  I switched it up that day.  In honor of Emma.  

I cheered myself on.  I was like the obnoxiously encouraging coach shouting, "You're awesome!  You've got this!"  And I couldn't believe how much my perspective was impacted.  Same circumstances.  Different perspective.  Same trials.  Different voice.

What's the message you're telling yourself today?

I wonder if we could all benefit by taking cue from Emma, beginning our day with something like, "You've got this!"  It's going to be a GREAT DAY!

You just may find it's the catalyst to help you overcome even the most painful, not so fun days in your life.

Remember, YOU GOT THIS!!

***In other news, we adopted a Beanie Boo named Wrinkles shortly after said blood draw.  Because gifts and the promise of reward are also helpful in walking fearlessly through pain.  Welcome to the family, Wrinkles!